Friday, August 23, 2019

We The People... are a Union: WACO and the 1st Amendment.

We The People... are a Union: WACO and the 1st Amendment.: Petition the Government for a redress of this grievance.   WACO and the 1st Amendment  Remember the WACO violation?   A traged...

Monday, March 25, 2019

Employee Taxation i.e. Double Dipping Taxation (DDT) is Not Good for our Economy!

We are commanded of the Lord; ''Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.'' Colossians 4:1.  Many Employers in the past ignored the pleadings of their humble employees who were thus forced to join Unions to obtain that which was just and equal.  The Unions made those employers sit up and take notice and give unto their servants; that which they negotiated to be Just and Equal. From 1776 America existed until 1913 without any form of personal Income taxation.  SCOTUS during the 1800''s declared such tax unconstitutional. Wages and salaries were held to be lawful business expenses and so were held to be tax exempt.  

They should so remain. We need to void out the 16th amendment. It causes Double Dipping Taxation.  DDT has had a terrible effect upon our lives. We now have had a Federal Government controlled by rabid warmongers, who cannot keep our country out of foreign conflict. After the 14-18 war they did not repeal personal income tax. Neither did they do it after the 39-45 war.  They not only did not repeal personal income tax as prior governments did after various wars in the 1800’s.   But in addition they have been taking large sums of money out of our Social Security Trust Fund, without asking permission from the people. And without  repaying any monies which they took nor paying interest on their thievery.  Instead of people retiring at age 65 now they want it to be age 70, why not make it 90? Then the Social Security Trust Fund could be clearly fully recognized as a Hush/Slush Fund for uncontrolled Government spending.

The origin of the income tax on individuals is generally cited as the passage of the 16th amendment, passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913; however, its history actually goes back even further. During the Civil War Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1861 which included a tax on personal incomes to help pay war expenses. The tax was repealed ten years later. However, in 1894 Congress enacted a flat rate Federal income tax, which was ruled unconstitutional the following year by the U.S. Supreme Court because it was a direct tax not apportioned according to the population of each state. (See Article 1 Section 9 of the USA Constitution.)   The 16th amendment, ratified in 1913, removed this objection by allowing the Federal government to tax the income of individuals without regard to the population of each State. To get rid of DDT we need to: Repeal the 16th amendment!

Double Dipping Taxation is a taxation principle referring to income taxes paid twice on the same source of earned income. It can occur when income is taxed at both the corporate level and personal level. When a company Makes, Mines, or Extracts products from natural resources and then sells those products, either raw, refined, developed and or manufactured, such a company is allowed to claim all it lawful expenses incurred in the production of those goods.  They are thereafter taxed upon their profits net of lawful deductible expenses.  Those deductible expenses include the wages and salaries of all, repeat all, the company employees.  When an employer pays his employee that which is just and equal  as negotiated, It is most unjust for the government to interfere in that private agreement.

Since taxation of those profits will have been paid by this company itself, it is double dipping, to also tax employees on money obtained from the same source of revenue..  Income is being taxed at both the corporate level and personal level.  DDT has a bad effect on our economy. The Government instead of the individual is spending our money and using it to control our lives with Unconstitutional and Unauthorized Welfare Programs.

Get the government out of our lives and let private enterprise take over.  Tax exempt Churches could and should be doing welfare work, not the government.

Our Unions should be more involved in Government affairs and challenge the aforementioned forms of theft and interference. If they do not protect our employee Wages, Salaries, and Social Security Trust Fund, simply desert them.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Alaska's Future is Bright.

Alaska’s Future Is As Bright as Your Faith.

If God, could create this earth, 
simply using the principle of "Mind over Matter".
Don't you think, that we his children,  can likewise learn?

Using the principle of "Mind over Matter" are we not capable of considering that  most problems are just imaginary or even  hallucinogenic. Without succumbing to outright panic, can we  not, just step back and perhaps even step outside the box and begin to think of possible solutions?

"Where there is no Vision, the people Perish,                      but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." Prov 29:18.
Did we or did we not; ''Keep that 1980 Law''?
Regretfully, we did not.
             However, Have Faith and Face the Future with;                  Permanent Fund Assurance!
Thanks to Jay Hammond for his dream and clear vision.
He has shown us the way.

Nathaniel Herz,  in the ADN page A13 Friday

March 2nd 2018, writes: "This years proposed state spending is $4.6 billion, with just 2.1 billion in revenue to pay for it.    The deficit has prodded lawmakers to look toward the $65 Billion Permanent fund as a possible fix."   Why has the deficit has not yet prodded the lawmakers to rescind SB 21 and automatically re-enact ACES.  Why not? Are they all members of the DBC? They are only $2.5 billion short, less than the fund's re-investment amount required to counteract inflation, yet they attempt to tax us via our dividends.  Worse, they are trying to gain access to the complete fund via a POMV withdrawal system.

"The funds earnings have historically gone towards dividends, cash sums paid directly to residents each year." (The residential owners of the Fund.)  "Touch it and you risk being zapped at the ballot box." ZAPPED BY 84 % OF THE RESIDENTIAL OWNERS.

Correction: Only 50% of the funds earnings have historically gone towards dividends. The other 50% of the funds earnings have historically been re-invested to counteract inflation. This 50% is available for funding State Government Expenses and is more than sufficient to do so, without touching our 50% dividend section. The budget is only $2.5 Billion short, this 50% Re-investment section has over $3 Billion. 

Any attempt at a POMV adjustment is an attempt

 at getting at the fund itself, and constitutes

a constitutional infarction. We simply cannot abide that pain 

 to our AK Fund's anatomy.

Some Alaska Budget Proposals.
1.      Our Fund's Trustees are doing an excellent job.  So Leave well enough alone. If left alone as per the 1999 referendum 84% vote of We the People, continuing to pay out increasing dividends to the people as already legislated and planned will not wipe out the fund.  
Only Subterfuge, Theft and using Deceitful Legalese jargon can do that.  
So, No interference with the functioning the Fund, None! 
"We the people", the Fund Owners,  have not authorised any governor or Congress to take money from our Fund.
It is Our Fund alone!

2.     Incorporate all city and local police into the State Troopers organization.   No division of areas of responsibility. State Troopers would then have responsibility for the complete state.                                                                                                         

3.    Privatize all existing Government services, and let users pay their maintenance costs.  

4.    To fund Education: From age 6 through a 4 year degree  or a comparable Trade Certificate, Issue AK State Bonds @ 10%. 

5.    Require all Municipalities to Replace all  property taxes with a 10% local  Sales Tax on all NEW items sold.  Repeat, on a New Items sold, only, Sales Tax. Since all items sold will have incurred a local Sales Tax,   There is no reason to pay rent to any Municipality for property purchased and call it a property tax.  Property tax is Double Dipping and should be abolished. Thus all Property purchased should be held FREEHOLD. A rent demand from a Fake Property Owner, i.e. the local Municipality, is a major Tax Faux Pas! Fake news, Fake laws What's next? We rid ourselves of UK taxes and slavery. Why re-enslave ourselves? Transit workers and all travelers will help pay Sales Tax. Exempt all, repeat all consumable solid food items, including medicines water and milk.

6.   Require all legal residents /citizens to contribute one week a year to their chosen local service or State Militia training.       Require all adults to demonstrate proficiency in the use of firearms and other weapons.
7.   We have no need of a Natural Gas pipeline.  This is the day of the Drone. Drone attacks, Hindenburg Drone Aircraft, Delivery, worldwide. All the Profit remains ours.   Unlike Hitlers Germany, we have lots of Helium inexplosive gas. Wake up before others capture those markets or take control of our resources.
8.   When in 1999, then governor Tony Knowles wanted to use the PFD to balance the Alaska budget, he had the decency to go before the electorate and ask for a referendum vote on the matter. The people with an 84% vote, ROARED ''NO''.
          Pay attention to the people!

9.   The Peoples Permanent Fund was set up in 1976 by the electorate, not the Legislature. We, the people of Alaska, all live in an ownership state. We are the legal owners of all our resources. Our constitution specifically charges our Legislature with the development of all Alaska’s resources for the benefit of ‘We the people’. Our resources are not for the benefit of the Governor, nor the Legislature, and are certainly not for the benefit of the Oil Giants. Yet this Governor and ex-Governor Parnell and this senate have served the big OIL Giants. They have literally  given away our clear and equitable share of Oil tax Revenue to those Oil giants. Now, instead of rescinding SB 21 and re-enacting ACES they want to rob the people’s Permanent Fund, so the oil companies can keep more profit. Let them pay Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share of our oil resources.  Oil now again, exceeds $70 per barrel.

10.   If our Legislature wants money from the Fund, then let them borrow it against 10 year  10% AK Tax Exempt State bonds. The fund can thus use the bonds to counter inflation as it has heretofore done, with 50% of the money generated into the Earnings Reserve Account. The state can use oil tax and other resource revenue  to pay the interest upon the Bonds.

11.  The other 50% of the Earnings Reserve account which pays the people our legal and just dividends is thus still available to continue to do so.  

12.    We the People of Alaska do not support any bill that would impose individual, personal, taxes in a State, so rabidly rich in natural resources.  Tax those who take the profits from our resources, not the people who work,  just to eke out a living.

Before applying to the Fund for a loan the Governor shall be required to use his VETO authority on any proposed laws which would cause State expenditure to exceed 50% of  the Permanent Fund's Earnings Reserve Account.  When this is guaranteed, via a State constitutional amendment, then, and only then, may the State begin borrowing from the Peoples Permanent Fund against the security of 10 year AK State Bonds at 10% interest.

The Permanent Fund is not now, and never has been, the

AK Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund. It is the Peoples Clear

and Equitable share of our Resource Wealth.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The POMV is a PLOY!

Rally Round Our Fund Folks.. Help! Thieves lie in wait to attack.

The POMV is an advance attack Ploy.            
Alaskans Ahoy! Shields in place!
Stand Fast! Lock and Brace!

John Adams said at the Constitutional Convention of 1787:  All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in the Constitution or Confederation, not from a want of honor or virtue so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”

The Founders knew that when money is manipulated…and shown to be unreliable……that trust breaks down  and with it tradition and cultural values.  Since the introduction of the Federal Reserve in 1913, our Dollar which could then be exchanged for one ounce of .999 pure silver, is now worth only .05 cents. $1/18 = ?

Derivates, cause  Devaluation and inflation has been used to tax and secretly rob the public.

What Constitutional amendment Granted authority to some big banks to set themselves up as a Federal reserve in 1913?   The Federal National Banking Act, while having been approved by congress, was never ratified as an amendment to our constitution, and is therefore itself illegal and unconstitutional, and  they are therefore, a totally  unconstitutional organisation acting illegally.

Surely real Americans, Freemen, citizens, and those of you who today, are no longer slaves, now Freemen and citizens too, you will not allow this state of affairs to exist in our Republic. Stop Political Animals from Secretly Robbing the Public of OUR SAVINGS and WEALTH.

The more the Individual is diminished into crowd consciousness, the easier it is to develop the psyche of self-sacrifice to the state. Self-sacrifice means a willingness to surrender your rights for some fancy fictional notion of "safety," i.e. to die in foreign wars, or a willingness to transfer your labor and wealth to the government under some fictitious notion that it is an essential income tax, a necessary Social Security tax, or an inheritance tax.  

Communists, Nazi Socialists, Fascist Socialists, Fascist Liberals aka Democrats, all preach;

Self Sacrifice to the State must take precedence over individual freedoms.  Thus we are told by the DBC (Dirty Bastards Club) members, and various Alaska  government mouthpieces, that they need our permanent fund money to do what?
''protect the very fund itself''.  
Some Politicians are akin to Political Animals. 

Their talk about the public good, is like a wife beater saying baby, I love you. It sounds good, but when you see through it, you realize it keeps you sticking around for more of their abuse.  Perhaps they think, most of us were born just yesterday. 

Governments who have learned from, and now follow the mass propaganda lies of Herr Joseph Goebbels,  use his psychological phenomenon techniques to their advantage.  Thus their emulating lies infect our local news media, promoting a POMV (Percent Of Market Value) makeover of the fund to give government access to the principal of the very Fund itself.  Note the missing word? Permanent! 

It is called Permanent for a very good reason:  Without public approval the Government has no legal access to it’s cash Principal.

Thus the push for the POMV makeover of its constitution.  Thus the mass of DBC Lies emanating from the local media.  New ADN ownership has  made no difference at all to their  propaganda.  
Remember: ‘Tell a lie big enough, repeat it often enough and then you yourself, will even begin to believe it’(Joseph Goebbels). 

Please folks, do not fall for their bald faced lies. 

From approximately $500,000 in 1976 our little Permanent Fund has amassed a fortune of over $65 Billion.  It is now kicking out over $6.5 Billion per year into its earnings Related Account. More than enough for a $3.25 Billion Re-investment into 10% Tax exempt  AK State Bonds, to help the state (in an emergency) and thus keep the money re-invested in the fund to counteract inflation and to make the payment of our Stipulated Permanent Fund dividend to us, the Fund owners. 

Our Dividend payment does not come out of the State Budget. It comes out of the other 50% of the Fund's Earnings Related account.  Let's keep it that way folks and make the oil companies pay ACES Taxes again, as they formerly did.  Stop the members of the DBC helping Big Oil companies avoid paying our ACES Taxes. If we, ourselves alone, are unable to do it, lets invite back their spectre of animosity, the lady Governor, herself, Sarah Palin.  She has already proven her ability to get the job done.  She left the CBRF floating with over $20 billions when oil was less than $50 per barrel. However the CBRF now records only a maximum of $12 Billion. To where did $8 Billion disappear? Even now it has been spent down to just under $5 Billion.

The Oil Magnates, faced with ACES again, will go into a modus operandi of distress, yea outright panic.  Oh dear!  The very thought of having to pay ACES again, now with oil at over $70 per barrel. Oh dear folks, have mercy upon our  poor Oil beggars!  Their share is one third, the FED's share is one third and the AK share is ONE THIRD. That was the original agreement.   
If the State is short of money, Rescind SB 21 and automatically without further discussion, Re-Enact ACES as of the implementation date of SB 21.  Then collect the back taxes due thereunder, by executive order!  Oh Groan! Groan!

Monday, February 5, 2018

WACO and the 1st Amendment.

Petition the Government for a redress of this grievance. 

WACO and the 1st Amendment 
Remember the WACO violation?  A tragedy, Oh Yes!  
Was Timothy Mc Veigh justified in his retaliation against our elected Government? He took the law into his own hands and caused the Oklahoma City bombing of an FBI building in retaliation for what he saw as Government interference at WACO.  He used Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer to create his truck bomb which he parked outside an FBI building and then just drove away from it.  He killed 168 people, who mostly worked for the FBI and therefore the Federal Government.  No Guns were used.  A clear demonstration to the whole world that while guns are effective and efficient, to hit an enemy, there are multiple other methods, available even to the general public.
It has been reported that the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, exercising its mandate to “Regulate” firearms, refused all invitations from Branch Davidian Leader David Koresh, to inspect his licensed firearms.  The ATF instead opted for fun with this small religious group of Seventh Day Adventists. More than 100 ATF agents, without proper warrants, attacked the church’s compound, while overhead, at least one ATF helicopter fired at the roof of the main building.  Six Branch Davidians were killed that day and also four ATF agents, it is thought by ‘friendly fire’.   
Timothy Mc Veigh broke the law by taking it into his own hands to retaliate against a wicked Government Dept. fully authorized by our Elected President Bill Clinton and his wicked Attorney General Janet Reno. 
In authorizing the attack on that church compound, the democratically elected government of Bill Clinton with Janet Reno as AG proceeded to break the law clearly set out in the 1 st amendment to our constitution.   They too, need to be executed just as Timothy Mc Veigh indeed was.      
Like it or not; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”                                                                                                                                    I therefore petition the Government for a redress of this grievance.  
I hear that Janet and the Clinton cartel elitists, classify you as a cult member if; you believe in the bible, and the second coming of Christ; if you frequently attend bible study classes (if you attend church every Sunday, you qualify); if you home-school your children; or if you have accumulated survival food and supplies.  So who knows, whether you and yours may be next?
Please join with me in creating a group to now petition our new government for a redress of this grievance.